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"Haven Brothers' Diner"


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Haven Brothers Diner, and owners Sal and Ivan Giusti, traveled from Providence to New York to appear on NBC's "Today" show. Hosts Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira chose Haven Brothers for a new feature on the show titled "A Taste From Our Past." Both have fond memories of the hot dogs and milkshakes from their days working at NBC 10. Of course, that's when the studio was downtown, just blocks from City Hall and Haven Brothers. Haven Brothers has been a fixture outside Providence City Hall for 120 years. The current mobile unit was built in 1949, but the diner started as a horse-drawn cart.

You have ever owned a shirt that said "Biggest little state in the union".
You Say "please" if you want something repeated
You celebrate "birt-day"
If you had a "wickit" good time at the beach.
When you hear an amazing fact your immediate reply is "no suh!"
You can drive two miles with out seeing a Bess Eaton
You know the difference between red, white and clear chowdah
You consider a car journey of longer than one hour a day trip.
You can you curse in Italian.
You know the basic rules of DuckPin bowling.
You own garden tools from Job Lot.
You have tried to drive the measured mile in less then 45 seconds.
You know what the expression "side by each" means.
You have used the expression "Not For Nuthin" or "bubbla".
You serve bread with every meal.
You know what "3 all the way" means.
You load up on milk and bread before a snowstorm.
You feel compelled to hear at least one weather report a day.
You understand the humor of the Ocean State Follies.
You have pulled out of a sidestreet and used your car to block oncoming traffic so you could make a left-hand turn.
You consider your holiday season incomplete without a trip to Lasalette Shrine.
You have a bottle of coffee syrup in the fridge right now.
You've phoned into a talk show on WPRO or WHJJ.
You have given a bottle of Sakonnet wine as a gift.
You've gotten sick from eating too many clam cakes.
You own at least one coffee table book with a picture of a lighthouse on it.
You've boasted about the money you saved at the Christmas Tree Shop.

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Modern Diner - Pawtucket
Photo courteous of Andrew & Jenny Wood.

Your first live concert was at The Civic Center or Rocky Point.
You own a hat with a red "P" on it.
You were born at Lying-In Hospital.
You still call the Rhode Island Mall the Midland Mall.
You have close relatives who work for the state.
You've gone to "Legs and Eggs".
You have used a demolished landmark when giving directions.
You secretly watch "Providence" even though you tell your friends you don't.
You have slammed on your breaks to discourage a tailgater.
You know what a burger "The Newport Creamery Way" is.
You have dated a girl named Brenda or a guy named Vinnie.
You have used the breakdown lane on 95 to pass someone.
You've personally met Vinnie Paz.
Your idea of a dream house is a raised ranch.
You have relatives who have been to Edgehill Newport, Codac, or Butler.
You have driven more than 5 miles out of your way to save less than two bucks.
You been on a RIPTA bus less than 12 times in the past 6 years.
You can sing the Rocky Point theme song.
You know what a "governor-preferred" plate is.
You know someone who works for the Registry.
You've asked your mechanic for an inspection sticker even though your car failed to pass.
You have a degree from RIC, CCRI or URI.
You think vodka and Del's is a great combination.
You've been to Twin Oaks for your birthday.
You've borrowed dealer plates from a friend.
You know how to pronounce Pawtucket, Cowesett, Usqepaug, and Narragansett.
You've been to Scarborough Beach but not Block Island.
You know where "The Pier" is located.
You've been on a Bay Queen cruise.
You can recognize a Cranston accent.
You think high hair, gold chains, and gum go together.
You think there's a "v" in the name Cheryl.
You drop the "w" in Greenwich, Kingstown, and Warwick.
You use the expression "down-city" for downtown.
You've eaten at Haven Brothers.

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(Click on photo for a larger view.)
Haven Brothers - Providence
Photo courteous of Andrew & Jenny Wood.

You celebrate St. Joseph's Day and know what a "zeppolla" is.
You have at least one gallon of Newport Creamery coffee ice cream in your freezer.
You know what "ProJo" stands for.
You still call CCRI "reject".
You know who Jack Comly, Sara Wye and Sherm Strickhauser are.
Your city house and your beach house are less than an hour away from each other.
You know the original name for Airport Road.
You always start giving directions by saying, "Well, you get on 95"
You know where "NiRoPe" comes from.
You know what "John from Alpert's" sounds like.
You can recite the license plates of all your family members and friends.
You know where "Harvard on the Hill" is located.
You refer to the movies as the Show.
You know what a "package store" is.
You think lots of gold jewelry looks great on the beach.
Your favorite expressions are, "Are you serious?", "Wicked", and "You know what I'm saying?"
You know you need "quahogs" to make "stuffies".
You know there's a West End but not a West Providence.
You think banana, vanilla, and idea all end in "r".
You know what a burger "The Newport Creamery Way" is.
You put vinegar on your french fries.
You've eaten at Haven Brothers, drunk.
You know what Allie's makes.
You've gone to Cumbie's for milk or gas. 
You know that there is never any school in Fosta-Glosta when it snows.
The girl you ended up marrying lived no more than 6 blocks from where you grew up.
You've converted the basement of your house into an apartment.
You call spaghetti sauce, "gravy."
You tell friends that something is "on special", instead of on sale.
The meal at every wedding you've ever attended was chicken, shells and french fries.
You put celery salt on your hot dogs.
You are never from Providence, or East Providence, but from the East Side, Rumford or Riverside
You order an iced coffee in December.
You read the wedding announcements in the Sunday Pro-Jo and recognize at least 3 couples.
The seltzer guy delivers bottles to your home on a weekly basis.
People at work wish you a "Happy St. Joseph's Day!
Your holiday season isn't complete without a trip to LaSallette Shrine.
You know someone who knew the Farrelly brothers when they lived around here.
You know exactly which parts of Dumb and Dumber, There's Something About Mary, Meet Joe Black and Amistad were filmed in RI, and you can tell someone exactly where that is.
You know what the Coffee Cup Salute is, and who does it every morning.
You grew up with everyone you see at Stop and Shop.
You know where South County is, even though it doesn?t exist.
You and everyone you know are either Italian or Irish, or both.
You've never been farther south than Jersey, and not farther West than there, either, but are planning to move to Florida as soon as you turn 60.
Jesse Carpenter chased you down Angel Road at 110 mph then let you go 'cause he knows your dad
You went to Jolly Chollys at least 25 times
You can play pinball with out tilting the machine every time you whack the crap out of it
You walked from Valley Falls to Pawtucket to bowl duckpins
You got laid in Lincoln Woods
You know who Mr. Patriarcas was
At least one of your cousins has stolen a car
You smashed your face sledding
You've been to Beacon record's and you know Sue
80 percent of your words end with an "a" or an "i"
The letta "r" doesn't have a "r" in it
You know Johnny Moskwa
You've driven out to the RISD beach to get stoned with the hippies
You've had clam cakes and chowda at the Rocky Point Shore Dinner hall with two car loads of your family and friends
You know how to play High Low Jack
Your dad remembers Leo at the $50 dollah window at Lincoln Downs
You called Cumberland kids friggen snobs
One of your friends blew up a phone booth with an M80
You remember that bored looking Polar bear at Capron Park
You've had an Italian guy fix something for you
You remember the 67 Red Soxs
You've picked qo-hogs at Jamestown and Horseneck beach
You've called Narragansett Beer "Horse Piss"You have you initials on your license plate.You got into the Lonsdale Drive-in by hiding in your buddies trunk.
Got your first pair of jeans from Roberts in Pawtucket.
You have refered to another driver as a "Masshole
Refer to Atwells Ave. as Da Hill.
You order three all the way and a coffee milk.
You have hidden weiner wrappers under your buddies front seat as a joke.


"Having been transplanted to Florida, your "page" brought tears of laughter and great great memories...loved every bit of it!"
Mike M.

"This is the funniest site I ever received. I have sons living In Seattle, and I have sent this on to Him,& my family in Texas.............................I appreciate this very much................This site will remain in my favorite things, just so when life get lousy, I can refer back to this site, for it warms the heart...............


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