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You Grew Up or Lived in Rhode Island Since the 1960s
(or even earlier) IF.... cried when Salty Brine's collie Jeff died. remember when Art Lake and Salty Brine had dark hair. remember Sara Wye, Franz Laubert, and Jay Kroll. remember Jack Comley and Dick Pace. remember the Outlet Company at Christmastime: Toyland in
  the basement and the Christmas windows. smile wistfully when you think of the names Shepards,
  Woolworths, Grants, Peerless, Gladdings, and City Hall Hardware. remember when Kmart was still Kresge's. once ate at the Ming Garden or the Waldorf Cafeteria. remember when it was the Sheraton Biltmore. were assured by classmates that the Industrial National
  Ban building was the same one as in the opening of the Superman TV series. remember when they used to show all the Disney films at
  the MajesticTheater. remember the RKO Albee, the Loew's State, and the Strand.
...your mom wouldn't let you go near the Strand. remember that neat paperback bookstore cattycorner from the Outlet having so many books and rock posters that the cashier had to sit up in a little booth.
..being bussed to the Rhode Island Philharmonic once a year for a
 special concert for schoolchildren. remember when that big pyramid that became Apex went up in Pawtucket. remember when WPRI was WPRO. remember neighborhood bakeries and all the great pastries
  they carried: lemon squares, New Yorkers, cornets, zeppoles, and sfogliatelles. know what a hermit is. remember when Garden City was just about the only shopping center out in that direction. remember when Garden City was just about the only thing
  out there besides farms and houses and how at Christmastime when they put up their   light display you
  could drive to the top of Laurel Hill Avenue and see it shining like a beacon in the distance.
...heck, you remember the coal tipple that used to be on the
  north side of Sakonasset Road at what's now the "back end" of Garden City. remember Child World.
...your parents would threaten to "send you to Sakonasset" when
  you were particularly bad.
...your mother would say, when you made her crazy, "You're going
  to drive me to Howard!" remember Reservoir Avenue when it was only two lanes. remember going north to Massachusetts before there was an interstate. have fond memories of Rocky Point, Crescent Park, and Jolly Cholly's. remember when Rhode Island Mall was Midland Mall.
...heck, you remember when Midland Mall opened.

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Please click the button below. remember the junkyard that used to be where Warwick Mall is now. used to love the Cranston Drive-In. wondered if they gave out free samples at the Eclipse syrup plant. remember free parking at the beach.
...your mom grocery shopped at Almacs, Stop and Shop, Finast, or the A&P.
...heck, when your mom shopped at a neighborhood supermarket like FoodTown. remember Warwick Shopper's World, Niantic Mills, and the BenFranklin Store.
...your parents still referred to Warwick Shopper's World and Ann & Hope as "mill outlets" and going
  to one of these stores was "going to the mill."
...your parents still referred to the airport as "Hillsgrove." remember when the section of Cranston at the intersection of Park Avenue and Gansett Avenue
  was called "the Speedway." know what a "superette" and a "spa" were (and that the latter had nothing to do with health
  clubs. remember when Bald Hill Road was almost all farms. remember the downtown Newport waterfront before they
  remodeled it. remember when there wasn't a McDonald's in Rhode Island. remember Burger Chef and Jeff. bought a small Del's Lemonade for only a dime, Hershey
  bars for 10 cents, popsicles a nickel, and penny candy--for a penny! remember going to Stamp's Farm for eggs and Highland
  Orchards for apples. passed the Narragansett Brewery on your way downtown--and
  people were working there. of the big landmarks on Post Road was the Scholes roller rink.
...every time a hurricane was forecast your mom and dad or
  grandparents would immediately talk about the Hurricane of 1938.
...heck, they'd take you downtown to show you the high-water plaque on the Providence
  Journal-Bulletin building. remember Trifari and Coro being two of the biggest employers in town.
...instead of getting your chickens from the supermarket, your mom or dad went to the chicken man in
  Silver Lake.
...your parents took you to the Slater Zoo. remember Bosco and Maypo. remember the old Calart's Christmas display. remember the big rivalry between Old Stone Bank and Citizens Bank.
...the moment you drove out of Rhode Island no one had coffee milk or coffee ice cream any longer. still have nightmares about "Choo-Choo" on the Railroad Salvage commercials.
...the Ragman coming around yelling, "Raaaags," asking for old rags from the community.
...the Ice Cream Man coming everyday during the summer and we'd wait for him     knowing about the time
  he'd arrive in our area. As soon as we'd see him, we'd raise our hand for him to stop! Fudgesicles &
  popsicles = 5 cents Ice cream Sandwiches, Creamsicles & Drumstix = 10 cents!
...Remember going to the Drags at the Charlstown Aux NAS to watch the Blown Hurst and the Growler and the 
  races between TASCA FORD and HARRIS AUTO with Smokey Serronne driving the 426 Hemi.
...Driving over the Old Jamestown Bridge.
...Asking for a Coffee Regular at the Donut Kettle.
...Getting a Cabinate at Alex’s Ice Cream Parlor.
...Record Hops at the High School.
...American Motors and Studerbaker Dealerships.
...The Induction Center at Fields Point, Cranston when you got your Draft notice.
...Flying out of Hillsgrove on Eastern, Mohawk or Allegheny Airlines. remember Pippin Orchard Dairy that was at the base of Route 4 and everyone passed by on their way to the South County beaches.

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