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"Dad" - 1934
"You Are My Sunshine"


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(To be sure you receive our Newsletter emails, add ramasn@aol.com  to your address book. )Let's start this June newsletter off by wishing the following Rhode Islanders a
Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary!

Name Email Location Birth Date
Anita Angelo aangelo@cox.net  North Providence, RI 06-01-38
Jake Messmore lantus7030@yahoo.com  Janesville, WI 06-03-77
Andrea Peters Andreanims58@aol.com  Sioux Falls, SD 06-03-58
Robyn Hall laughingcat01@aol.com  Sarasota, FL 06-04
Paul Campbell pawsoxpc@cox.net  Tucson, AZ 06-05-31
Dave Perry complexities@bellsouth.net  West Palm Beach, FL 06-05-45
Susan (Holden) LaRose lwd338@cox.net West Gloucester, RI 06-06-55
Anita Campanelli Silva nitabev@yahoo.com  Melbourne, FL 06-06
Michael Goldfarb michaeljgoldfarb@aol.com  Orlando, FL 06-09-54
Edie French ediejunebug@aol.com  Cranston, RI 06-10-48
Ellen (Howarth) O'Brien elob1936@cox.net  Cumberland, RI 06-10-36
Vinnie Pezzullo Sailsman1138@aol.com  Bristol, RI 06-10-39
George Donahue katgerge@live.com Johnston, RI 06-11-44
Donna Marie Jolicoeur dmtcdg@hotmail.com  Union City, TN 06-11-62
Grace Berthod Paul gracebp@bellsouth.net  Coconut Creek, FL 06-11-29
Richard Lavoie rich61247@yahoo.com  Hopkinton, RI 06-12-47
Tony Danella thewop614@aol.com  Ft. Lauderdale, FL 06-14-43
Rebecca Melucci mzsunbum@sbcglobal.net  Guilford, CT 06-14-49
Lynda Venditti cdicenzo@comcast.net Port charlotte, FL 06-16
Jack Manning smoothtop825@aol.com  Port Charlotte, FL 06-17-34
Linda Mc Cormick (McLeod) linda1826@cox.net  Orlando, FL 06-17-48
Dee Dee Ricci riccidee@earthlink.net San Simeon, CA 06-17-40
Jean (Faria) Medeiros Repose jrepo243@cox.net N. Kingstown, RI 06-19-46
Paul Redfern paul-liz@westnet.com.au  Australia  06-21-42
John L. Vaughn ciscokid8@frontiernet.net  Westwood, CA 06-23-42
Karen Tortolani Welch KDTORT@wmconnect.com  Pueblo, CO 06-23-47
Dawn Rose hooch133@webtv.net Providence, RI  06-24-64
Anne (Simes) D'Arcy Coonhollow@aol.com  Paradise, CA 06-25-38
Kathleen Flynn-Navarro katynav626@yahoo.com Belleview, FL 06-26-57
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Kathleen Shults upgirl63032@yahoo.com  Lake Wales, Fl 06-30-32

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"After searching for my daughter for over 40 years she found me here on the birthday list.
Never give up hope folks!"

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Happy Anniversary To The Following Couples!

Name Email Location Anniversary
Ray & Mary Testa ramasn@aol.com Royse City, TX 06-02-73
Danny & Michele Fiorentini michfirore14@gmail.com  Pawtucket, RI 06-04-88
Ken & Cis Gors cis_40@hotmail.com  Kootenai, ID 06-05-99
Richard & Alice Letourneau amletourneau@comcast.net Sebastian, FL 06-07-52
Bill & Kimbra Morgan wm.morgan@comcast.net Arlington, VA 06-07-98
Glenn & Cookie Boudreau glenn223@aol.com  Rockwall, TX 06-10-73
Rob & June Tebbe june.tebbe@ge.com  Cincinnati, OH 06-12-88
Joe & Sue Senn coyote2@vtc.net  Pearce, AZ 06-17-60
Bill & Paula Donovan Bill.Donovan08@comcast.net  Murfreesboro, TN 06-22-63
Bob & Barbara Ferry mainstpooh@gmail.com Oakland, RI 06-29-68

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****News Feature of The Month****

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Albert Grande

Pizza Therapy is all about pizza. The mission is the love of pizza. Pizza is much more than flour, salt, water and yeast. Making pizza and eating pizza is magical and spiritual. Discover how to make your own incredible home made pizza. You can find out more at: Pizza Therapy: http://pizzatherapy.com 

Albert Grande was born at Rhode Island Hospital and attended Gladstone Street Elementary School in Cranston. All four of his grandparents "came off the boat" from Italy and settled in Providence. He is a PowToon ambassador and Pizza Ambassador. His mission is to promote the love of eating pizza, making pizza ad loving pizza. His other Pizza site is: Legends of Making Pizza: http://legendsofpizza.com/blog 


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Marieville Elementary School 1959 3rd Grade

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From Our First Cookbook (limited supplies left!)
Mom's Italian Sausage and Peppers - Submitted by: Michelle Crossley - Serves - (you can change the amounts, depending on how many people you are feeding)


2 lbs italian sausage (sweet or hot, or a mixture of both...)
2-3 green peppers
2-3 red peppers
1-2 large onion (s)
1 small can of Hunt's tomato sauce 

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Pre-heat oven to 350 for sausages.
Place sausage, in a single layer, in roasting pan. 
Add enough water to the pan, so that the water level comes up to about half of the height of the sausage.
Cook sausage for approximately 30 minutes, or until they are done cooking. Once they are done, remove from oven and set aside.
While sausages are cooking, prepare the peppers and onion(s) for roasting.
To prepare, cut peppers and onion (s) any way you prefer. Typically it works best if you cut the onions into wedges, and the peppers into one inch strips and then in half lengthwise. You can use more peppers and onions if you wish. It all depends on your preference.
Turn up the oven to 375* and place peppers and onion (s) in a single layer on a baking sheet or roasting pan, and drizzle liberally with EVOO, and then put in oven for roasting
While veggies are roasting, cut up the sausage into good sized pieces on a bias. Get rid of the excess water and grease in the roasting pan. You can put the sausages back into the roasting pan after they are cut up.
Once peppers and onions are roasted, try to drain the oil in the pan, and then mix them in with the sausage in the roasting pan and add the tomato sauce, making sure to mix it in well.

For serving, to ensure that it stays warm, you can place in a crock pot and keep it on low.

Serve with Italian sub rolls. (the smaller ones make it better for serving a large group of people)

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