May 2017 Newsletter

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(To be sure you receive our Newsletter emails, add  to your address book. )Let's start this May newsletter off by wishing the following Rhode Islanders a
Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary!

Name Email Location Birth Date
Bob Bourdeau  Woonsocket, RI 05-01-53
Valerie (Humphrey) Mazzone  Coventry, CT 05-01-52
Joyce Besaw  Bayonet Point, FL 05-02-48
Kathy (Burns) Traynor  Virginia Beach, VA 05-03-48
Carol Gauvin  Tampa, FL 05-04-51
Isaura Williams  Barefoot Bay, FL 05-04-47
Alfred Ricci San Simeon, CA 05-05-38
Lori Sherlock  Tallahassee, FL 05-05-46
Renée English  Providence, RI  05-06-64
Heather London  Colorado Springs, CO 05-06
Liam Erik Turner  New Bern, NC 05-07-96
Linda Beaulieu   Lincoln, RI 05-08
Helen Szydlo Becker  Bluffton, SC 05-08
Lorie Harrison  Orlando, FL 05-08
Bobbie Hutton (Perry)  West Palm Beach, FL 05-09
Bill Lunden  Satellite Beach, FL 05-09-27
Ray Testa Royse City, TX 05-09-50
Mike Whittemore Jr.  Sarasota, FL 05-10-80
Georgianna Garcia  Port Richey, FL 05-12-36
Robert E. Heroux  Hudson FL 05-12-33
Deanna Kingston Pryszynski  Boliver, MO 05-12-70
Kevin Degnan   Pawtucket, RI 05-13-47
Joyce (Donofrio) Harper  Jensen Beach, FL 05-14-40
Jennifer Nazarian  Las Vegas, NV 05-16
Ron Chase   Crosby, TX 05-17-39
Denise Nunes Myrtle Beach, SC   05-17-51
Don Ruizzo  St. Cloud, FL 05-17-52
Robert Provencial  Deerfield Beach, FL 05-18
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Brian Deery   Arcadia, FL 05-19-48
Lori Ellen Sanchas San Diego, CA 05-19
Brandon Whalen  Hollywood, FL 05-19-95
Paul Mac Neill             Welaka, FL 05-21-42  
John McMillan  Melbourne, FL 05-21-31
Frank Avila Port Charlotte, FL 05-22
Ronald Turcotte Hinesville, GA 05-22-50
Ray Moniz  El Paso, TX 05-24-44
Bea Allen  Paris, ME 05-25-46
Donna  Dame  Middleburg, FL 05-26-60
Linda McCormick Bowers  West Palm Beach, FL 05-27-45
Clint Wynne Hernando, Citrus Hills, FL 05-27-29
Louie D'Amico Newport, RI 05-28-45
Sabatino Jerry Ranucci, Jr  (N/A) 05-28-42
Cyndy Manning  Ramona, CA 05-30-58
Arthur Soulliere  Leominster, Mass 05-30-37
Russell Huguenin  Longmont, CO 05-31-45

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Happy Anniversary To The Following Couples!

Name Email Location Anniversary
Lew & Sandy Godinho Visalia, CA 05-05-62
Raymond & Shirley Dorchies Chancellor, AL 05-10-55
Victor & Loretta Gough  Warwick, RI 05-12-62
Henry & Susan Knight  West Greenwich, RI 05-17-69
Ralph & Martha Ruscetta Tampa, FL 05-17-74
Bob & Arlene (Nave) Savoie Easton, MD 05-17-58
Donald & Tokiko Devaney  Aiea, HI 05-19-60
Bob & Diane Holt  Bristol, RI 05-22-70
Tom & Mary Madden  Plymouth, MA 05-24-69
Ray & Rosie Moniz  El Paso, TX 05-29-65
Kenneth & Vicki Muschiano Bartlett, TN 05-29-65

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****News Feature of The Month****

Local author Sam Kafrissen has 3 exciting novels for you to check out!

"My three novels are subtitled Doherty Mysteries because my main character is a small time private detective named Hugh Doherty, who operates out of an office above Harry's Barbershop in Arctic, West Warwick in the late 1950s. The first title is The Mill Town, the second is The Lost Survivor and the third is The Missing Films. All of them take place in a variety of places in Rhode Island at that time and involve to varying degrees political corruption, gangsters and murder. As you can see little has changed in RI since then. In any case, over the past few years I have participated in a number of promotional events in RI as well as up here in Massachusetts where I currently live. All of the books are currently available at in both paperback and Kindle versions. I grew up in RI, first in West Warwick and later in Cranston. The RI I write about in the books is a mix of what I remember from my youth, what I've been able to uncover doing historical research and my vivid imagination, which I like to think of as literary license. Many people who have read my books have enjoyed them both for their mystery value but also for the nostalgia for that time that they conjure up." To purchase these books, click on the links below.

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Recipe Of The Month
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Mom's ItalianSausage and Peppers - By Michelle Crossley - "This is a staple at any and all family gatherings!!!"  -  This recipe is from our 1st Cookbook. (Very limited quantities left!)


2 lbs Italian sausage (sweet or hot, or a mixture of both...)
2-3 green peppers
2-3 red peppers
1-2 large onion(s)
1 small can of Hunt's tomato sauce 
xtra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

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Pre-heat oven to 350 for sausages.
Place sausage, in a single layer, in roasting pan. 
Add enough water to the pan, so that the water level comes up to about half of the height of the sausage.
Cook sausage for approximately 30 minutes, or until they are done cooking. Once they are done, remove from oven and set aside.
While sausages are cooking, prepare the peppers and onion(s) for roasting.
To prepare, cut peppers and onion(s) any way you prefer. Typically it works best if you cut the onions into wedges, and the peppers into one inch strips and then in half lengthwise. You can use more peppers and onions if you wish. It all depends on your preference.
Turn up the oven to 375* and place peppers and onion(s) in a single layer on a baking sheet or roasting pan, and drizzle liberally with EVOO, and then put in oven for roasting
While veggies are roasting, cut up the sausage into good sized pieces on a bias. Get rid of the excess water and grease in the roasting pan. You can put the sausages back into the roasting pan after they are cut up.
Once peppers and onions are roasted, try to drain the oil in the pan, and then mix them in with the sausage in the roasting pan and add the tomato sauce, making sure to mix it in well.
For serving, to ensure that it stays warm, you can place in a crock pot and keep it on low.
Serve with Italian sub rolls. (the smaller ones make it better for serving a large group of people)


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