How To Speak
Like a Local

Ya don’t wanna ta stand out like a tourist,
do ya?
So, here is ya handy guide to speakin' like a local.

"Yakety Yak" by The Coasters


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Favorite Foods
Caw Fee Milk: Milk with sweet, coffee-flavored syrup. Check your goodie bags!
Cab’nit: Milkshake or frappe to the rest of the country.
Del’s: A lemon-slush drink unique to Rhode Island. Look for it at the conference!
Grinduh: A submarine sandwich or hero (grinder).
Johnny Cake: Native American pancake made with ground corn meal.
Kwah Hawgs: Clams we eat (Quahogs).
Peppiz: A green vegetable, or a companion to salt. Delicacy: fried peppiz-n-unyons.
Pete Sir: Usually ordered with pepperoni and cheese.
Sangwich: Sandwich to the rest of the country.
Sewder: Goes good with pete sir (soda).
Soggie: Hot dogs made here in Rhode Island, known for their “crunch.” (Saugy’s)
Suppa: The evening meal.
Watta: Comes out of a bub bluh.
Weeniz: Hot dogs smothered with meat chili, onions, and hot sauce. Usually Saugy’s!
People and the Things They Do
BaBa: Cuts your hair.
Bonnie: A purple dinosaur you probably detest. Manufactured right here at Hasbro.
God: Works in the prison (guard).
Idear: A thought, usually a good one.
Marier: A girl’s name.
Ommy: Who is fighting in Iraq.
P.S.D.S.: Pierced ears.
Wicket Boah: A not-so-interesting person (wicked bore).
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Bah Rum: Where drinks are served.
Big Blue Bug: A large “sculpture” visible from Route 95, the mascot of New England Pest Control, and unofficial mascot of Little Rhody. Was featured in a scene of the film Dumb and Dumber.
Bubbluh: Water fountain to most.
Connah Stoah: Little shop on the corner.
Craannnstun: Cranston
DownCity: Downtown Providence.
Propideez: What a landlord owns.
Pock: Where children play.
Potty: Birthday, anniversary, surprise.
Ro-dylin: Home.
Shaw: Where the land meets the ocean.
Too’fah: Any place further than 10 miles away (too far).
You Ah Rye: Our state university (URI).
Basic Rhody Grammar
Ah: Letter between q and s.
Awed: Opposite of even.
D’jeet? Have you eaten?
Gedouttahere! Get out of here!
Hod: Opposite of soft.
Fust: Comes before second.
Lodge: Opposite of small.
Nawt Fuh Nut’in (but): Exclamation preceding heartfelt advice or opinion. Ex: Nawt fuh nut’in but he shouldn’ta bought the cah if he couldn’t affoahd the paymints.
No Wudduvalie: Honestly.
One Wit, One Wit Not: One with, one without. Helpful in ordering weeniz.
Shuddup!: Exclamation of interest or pleasant surprise.
Take a Hat: Get upset. (Have a heart attack).
Uh’spost Ta: To presume or intend. Ex: Ahnt ya uh’sposta call fust an then go?
Way Diggo: Congratulations! (Way to go).
Airier: Length x Width.
Calunda: Keeps track of the yeeah.
Cods: Used for poker or blackjack.
Culliz: There are many in the rainbow.
Holly: An excellent motorcycle.
Wuttsthematteryou? What's the matter with you?



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The Crow's Nest in Apponaug

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Memories of the Crow's Nest
by P. Ruscito

I just found your RI website while searching for Salty Brian. Just wondering whatever happened to him while I was thinking back to the great old days living in Scituate RI and Narragansett. I have lived in CA for 15 years now (for my job) and miss RI terribly. I love the wiener recipes and the picture of the wieners up the arm. I tell people about it here but they don't quite get it.
On the page you have a picture of the Crow's Nest? Look at the sign on the front of the building.... I made that sign for them back when I worked at a wood shop in Johnston RI. The owner like it so much he promised me a free dinner. I never saw the sign installed on the building until about three year ago (about 18 years after I made the sign). I returned to RI to visit family. They took me out to eat at the Crow's Nest and I saw the sign for the first time and found.... they had adopted the font style (I made it up as I made the letters for the sign) all over the inside of the building and on the menus. I asked about the dinner I had been promised but found the restaurant was no longer owned by the original owners. Now I found the sign on your website as a RI classic!

Thank you!!

Thank you for the great site and memories.
P. Ruscito
Born and rasied in RI!"


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Ann & Hope Mill Outlet
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Typical Ad Slogans Back Then!

“ A Swallow Will Tell You”
Autocrat Coffee (little bird on logo)

“My beer is Rheingold the dry beer, think of Rheingold whenever you buy beer”
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“Hey Mabel, Black Label”
(click here to listen to the jingle!)

“Hi Neighbor, Have a Gansett"
(click here to listen to the jingle with Curt Gowdy!)

"Atlantic Keeps Your Car on the Go"





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