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will be a place people can come together and discuss the issues affecting art, artists, musicians and architecture in Providence. We have eleven different sections in place, and that's a lot of rooms to fill. 
Gil's Portuguese Recipes
This site is dedicated mostly to Portuguese food recipes. Gil will include other recipes that he believe are good. He hopes all the recipes taste as good as you think they will. Please return often as Gil will be publishing new ones all the time. 
Junkyard Artist
Do you ever think about where your cars go when their lives are through?  I am sure they go to car heaven; also known as the Junkyard.  Bring a little car heaven into your home, office or garage with an art print by the William B. MacGregor Jr., the Junkyard Artist. 
Linda's Nostalgia Place
These are those things of mine, that, like John-Boy's secret thoughts, would not stay bottled up. They are mostly personal memories; hope you enjoy. I will add new things occasionally, so please check back. 
Little Rhody's List of Rhode Island Information
General Rhode Island sites, providing Information on Rhode Island 
Mike P's Tucson
A former Rhode Islander's Blog that is a must visit! He has made his new home in Tucson, AZ, but his roots run deep in Rhode Island. Check out Mike's place, and tell him you found him on Here is a link to his blog: 
Mrs. B's Patriot World
If you're a fan of Tedy Bruschi and the Pats you've come to the right place. A wealth of information about the New England Patriots! 
New England Bites
Eating your way through Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. 
Application For RI Citizenship
Baked Treats
Baked Treats II
Block Island
David's Personal Tribute
Drive-In Theaters
Indoor Movie Theaters
Eateries of RI
Feasts & Festivals of RI
Links to Friends of RI Favorites
How To Speak Like a Local
Jaded, The Band
Life In Da 60's
Memories of Rhode Island
Native Rhode Island Favorites
NY System Hot Weiners
Pizza & Pasta Joints
Portuguese Cuisine
Seafood of Rhode Island
The RI Connection Page
Tribute to Salty Brine
Windows XP - Providence Edition
You know Your From RI When
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Dr. Ed Iannuccilli, a retired gastroenterologist, has had extensive experience in academics, management, governance and entrepreneurial endeavors. Dr. Ed is the author of the popular memoir, “Growing up Italian; Grandfather’s Fig Tree and Other Stories.” 

Ocean State Follies
The Follies have been poking good-natured fun at the "state" of the state for over 12 years now - with no end in sight! Talk about job security! Through song parodies and skits, multi-talented cast members lead you through a hilarious journey into life in the Ocean State - our fun and foibles, our scandals and vandals, politics and peculiarities.  
A home-cooking food blog, developed by me, Sherry Nappa, and influenced heavily by my family and friends.  The blog was created to record, preserve, and distribute old and new family recipes and cultural food traditions, and to share my thoughts on all things food—books and films about food, recipes, local restaurants, food products, kitchen and cooking gadgets, and food events. 
Pizza - "Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!"
Discover all things pizza at Pizza Therapy. All those who enter here do so to celebrate the wonders of pizza,
the "magical little disk that makes things happen!" 
Pyramid Sounds Disc Jockey & Entertainment
Need a Professional DJ and more for a college function, wedding, company party, etc.?Don't look any further - we can help! 
Rhode Island Food Gourmet Directory
Rhode Island Roads Magazine
Travel, life, dining, and entertainment for people who love Rhode Island 
Rocky Point
Hello, my name is Jerry Bourget and I created this web site as my own personal tribute. I used articles that I have saved over the years such as my brochures, pictures and even napkins from the shore dinner hall. Drop me a line to let me know what you think! (This is a site full of Rocky Point memories. A must see!!)
Supermenus....Your Online Restaurant Menu Guide.
Use our database to find restaurant menus, directions, reviews, and much much more. 
Word Tosser
I am just an old gal, with some time on her hands, and loose thoughts from time to time... Wife, mother of 8, grandmother of 16 and great-grandmother of 2. 
You Must Be This Tall - The Story of Rocky Point Park
A feature length documentary about Rocky Point Amusement Park. This film documents the long history of Rocky Point Park, an amusement park and shore dinner hall situated along the coast of the Narragansett Bay. 


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