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"Your effort is a God sent project during these times when nothing is held dear or precious as ones roots and memories. I have passed the site on as it was passed on to me. Bless you and I hope the fun continues. When ever I wonder if my 32 years of military service was worth the sacrifice it's the little things of Americas such as your project that reassures me that it was worth it. Again thanks."....John Isom, USAF CCMSGT, retired 

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Newport Ave near Armistice Blvd.



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Once a vaudeville theater!


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The Palace Theatre, on Broad Street at the Providence-Cranston city line in the Washington Park neighborhood, was for decades a well-attended second run movie house. It often ran the same programs with its sister theatre, the Park, on the other side of Cranston. The Palace closed in the 1970s and is now used as a church.

The former Park Cinema in Cranston was a triplex that closed in 2002. As of 2004 it is now being renovated and the triplexing is being undone. When completed it will be one theatre. The plan is to have a live dinner-theatre with a cafe.

The Columbus, known for decades as the Uptown, is one of the two most beautiful Rhode Island theatres, the other being the former Loew’s State (now the Providence Performing Arts Center).

 The Pastime Theater began showing films in 1912. 91 Bradford Street, Bristol. Fire destroyed the original building and the current one was built on that site that same year, 1934.

This is a complete listing of indoor movie theaters, past & present. If anyone knows of any others to add to this list please contact us.

Name Location Status Screens
Art Cinema Providence Closed
Avon Cinema  Providence Open
Bijou Theatre Providence Closed/Demolished 1
Bullock's Theatre Providence Closed/Demolished 1
Cable Car Cinema & Cafe Providence Open 1
Capitol Theatre Providence Closed/Demolished 1
Carlton Theatre Providence Closed/Demolished 1
Casino Theatre Providence Closed/Demolished 1
Castle Cinema Providence Closed 3
Cinerama Theatre Providence Closed/Demolished 2
Columbia Theatre Providence Closed/Demolished 1
Columbus Theatre Providence Open 2
Community Theatre North Providence Closed/Demolished 1
E.M. Loew's Providence Closed/Demolished 1
Elmwood Theatre Providence Closed 1
Empire Theatre Providence Closed/Demolished 1
Fay's Theatre Providence Closed/Demolished 1
Loew's State Providence
4 Seasons Cinema/now Patriot Theatre East Providence Open ?
Gilbert Stuart Theatre East Providence Closed 1
Hollywood Theatre East Providence Closed/Demolished 1
Liberty Theatre South Providence Closed 1
Majestic Theater Providence Open 1
Metropolitan Theatre Providence Closed/Demolished 1
Modern Theatre Providence Closed/Demolished 1
Nickel Theatre Providence Closed/Demolished 1
Olympia Theatre Providence Closed 1
Paris Cinemas Providence Closed/Demolished 2
Patriot Cinemas East Providence Open 10
Providence Opera House Providence Closed/Demolished 1
Providence Performing Arts Center Providence Open 1
Quonset Point Naval Air Station Quonset Point Closed/Demolished 1
RKO Albee Theatre Providence Closed/Demolished 1
Royal Theatre Providence Closed/Demolished 1
Strand Theater Providence Closed, now home of Trinity Repertory Co.   1
Victory Theatre Providence Closed/Demolished 1
VIP Luxury Cinema Providence Close 2
Auburn Theatre Cranston Closed 1
Garden City Cinema Cranston Closed/Demolished 2
Palace Theatre Cranston Closed  1
Park Theatre Cranston Closed / Renovating / Restoring 1
Rainbo Theatre Cranston Closed/Demolished 1
Star Theatre Cranston Closed/Demolished  1
Jerry Lewis Cinema on Mendon Rd Cumberland Now Douglas Liquors, was
for many years a Taylor Rental.
Lincoln Theater Cumberland Closed/now a bank 1
Limelight Cinema Warwick Closed/Demolished 3
Majestic Theatre West Warwick Closed/Demolished 1
Meadowbrook Cinemas Warwick Closed/Demolished 3
Midland Cinema Warwick Closed/Demolished 1
Midway Theatre Oakland Beach Warwick Closed/Demolished  1
Majestic Theatre West Warwick Closed/Demolished 1
Palace Theatre Arctic West Warwick Closed/Demolished 1
Star Theatre Natick West Warwick Closed/Demolished 1
Thornton's Theatre West Warwick Closed/Demolished 1
Warwick Cinema Warwick Closed/Demolished 1
Warwick Mall Cinemas Warwick Closed/Demolished 3
Bijou Theatre Woonsocket Closed/Demolished 1
Cinema 1,2,3 at Walnut Hill Plaza  Woonsocket Now Mark Stevens warehouse store. 3
Cinema 4 at Woonsocket Plaza Diamond Hill Rd. Woonsocket Was demolished, Lowes
home improvement there now.
Laurier Theatre Woonsocket Closed/Demolished 1
Olympia Theatre Woonsocket Closed/Demolished 1
Park Theatre Woonsocket Closed/Demolished 1
Rialto Theatre Woonsocket Closed/Demolished 1
Stadium Theatre Woonsocket Open  1
Broadway Theatre Pawtucket Closed/Demolished 1
Capitol Theater Pawtucket Closed/Demolished 1
Crown Theatre Pawtucket Closed/Demolished 1
Darlton Theatre Pawtucket Closed/Demolished 1
Fairlawn Theatre Pawtucket Closed/Demolished 1
Imperial Theater  Pawtucket Closed/Demolished 1
Leroy Theater Pawtucket Closed/Demolished 1
Loew's Capitol Theatre Pawtucket Closed/Demolished 1
Strand Theatre Pawtucket Closed/Demolished 1
Pastime Theater Bristol Closed/Demolished 2
Greenwich East Greenwich Closed 1
Greenwich Odeum East Greenwich Open 1
Kent East Greenwich Closed/Demolished 3
Apple Valley Cinemas Greenville/Smithfield Open 8
Diamond Hall Greenville/Smithfield Closed 1
Bellevue Theatre Central Falls Closed/Demolished 1
Casino Theater Central Falls Closed 1
Holiday Cinema Central Falls Closed 1
Lafayette Central Falls Closed 1
Bijou Theatre Newport Closed/Demolished 1
Colonial Newport Closed 1
Freebody Park Theatre Newport Closed 1
Jane Pickens Theatre Newport Open 1
Opera House Cinemas Newport Open/Renovating/Restoring 3
Paramount Theatre Newport Closed 1
Burrillville Theatre Harrisville/Burrillville Closed 1
Campus Cinema Wakefield Closed 3
Capitol Theatre Warren Open 1
Lyric Theatre Warren Closed ?
Casino Theatre Narragansett Closed/Demolished 1
Narragansett Theater Narragansett Open 3
Pier Cinema Narragansett Closed ?
Central Theatre Westerly Closed/Demolished 1
Crown Theatre Westerly(Watch Hill) Closed 1
Lyric Theatre Westerly Closed/Demolished 1
United Theatre Westerly Closed 1
Westerly Cinemas Westerly Closed 4
Central Theatre Manville, Lincoln Closed/Demolished 1
Manville Opera House Manville, Lincoln Closed/Demolished ?
Cinema World 16 at Lincoln Mall Lincoln Open 16
Lincoln Mall Cinemas Lincoln Closed 4
Coventry Cinema Coventry Closed 1
Cumberland Cinemas Cumberland Closed 2
Mayfair Theatre Valley Falls, Cumberland Closed ?
Empire Theatre New Shoreham (B.I.) Open 1
Holiday Cinemas Middletown ? 6
Starcase Triplex Theatres Middletown Closed 3
Island Theatre Portsmouth Closed 1
Jamestown Theatre Jamestown Closed 1
Johnston Cinema Johnston Open ?
Johnston Theatre Johnston Closed/Demolished 1
Myrtle Theatre Johnston Closed 1
Community Theatre/later theCampus Cinema South Kingstown Closed ?
Peacedale Theatre South Kingston Closed 1
Wickford Theatre Wickford, North Kingston Closed 1
Star Theatre Pascoag Closed/Demolished ?
Strand Theatre Hope Valley, Hopkinton Closed 1


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