Eateries and Diners of the Ocean State

The term "Grinder" can be traced back to the East Coast, where, during WWII, Italian immigrants setup sandwich shops close to the shipyards. These super-sized sandwiches were a favorite of the hard workingmen who ground rivets off the warships. The friendly shop owners referred to the men as grinders and the ever-popular sandwiches also came to be known as Grinders.

"Since I Don't Have You"
by The Skyliners

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Olneyville NY System
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Olneyville NY System
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Olneyville NY System
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Olneyville NY System
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Silver Top Diner Providence
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Sam's New York System Warwick
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Modern Diner Pawtucket
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Jigger's Diner East Greenwich

Seaplane Diner Providence
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Artic Fish & Chips

Does anybody remember Artic Fish & Chips on Brookside Ave in West Warwick? They had the best fish and chips anywhere, all wrapped in white paper then newspaper. I remember lines out the door on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, and the old lady in the tortoise shell glasses and cut off sweater arms dishing out the fish. And you canít forget the greasy oil splotches in the newspaper by the time you got home. How I wish I had the recipe for their batter and what type of old they used. They were the greatest and I havenít found anything even close yet. I believe they closed down sometime in the early 70ís???




Bishop's 4th Street Diner Newport
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Veteran's Square Diner
West Warwick
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Ye Olde English Fish & Chips
Famous for "ice Cream" and "Cabinets" in 1940's-50's on
Elmwood Avenue,
near Roger William's Park was
"Jenny's" and "Albert's".
(photo needed!)
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Mad Dawgs
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Mad Dawgs
"Famous since ...Everyday!" hot dogs! Try a bite of the dawg at Brenton State Park on Ocean Drive, Newport any Friday through Sunday!!
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Rodís Grille
6 Washington St.,Warren, RI
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Harry's NY System, Warwick
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Harry's, formerly Cosmic Steak and Pizza. The best steak sandwiches ever. Also could get pig in a blanket the way you wanted it by ordering "pig, no pig, wit cheese. Only in R.I. huh?
(Thanks to Pat for this info!)
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Atwood Grille, 641 Atwood Avenue, Cranston (1950's)
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Lou's Hot Dogs, LLC is an authentic New York Style hot dog cart which serves all beef premium Boar's Head Hot Dogs and more! Lou's also serves up the best Italian Sausage & Red Peppers Sandwiches along with the traditional hot dog toppings as well as some "special features" like the Sicilian Dog which is a hot dog topped with sweet red Italian peppers and onions. Lou always says "if you don't like it, it'll kill ya"!
We do many Newport special events such as the Newport Comedy Series, A Taste of Rhode Island, The Newport Boat Show, Festa Italiana, Black Ships Festival as well as have two public locations; Newport Farmer's Market and King Park in Newport and we also cater to private parties.
Most important of all, people get to talk to us and we get to talk to them! Love it!!!
Lou & I (Denise) are born and raised Brooklyn, New York where there were hot dogs on every corner. Lou's grandfather had a hot dog cart outside of a local bar back in the early 50's after he retired. We now live in Newport (retired) and are out selling them puppies!!!! Loving every minute!

Rhode Island's Lt. Governor, Elizabeth Roberts endorses Lou's Hot Dogs!! >>>>

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"There used to be a joint in Cumberland called Tom's Lunch that had the best weenies was right by Lippetts Estates. Also there was another place over by Newport Ave....I can't remember the name Ziggy's or something like that. My dad had a store on Dexter Street in C.F. and there were a bunch of great greasy spoons a block or away....Stanley's Hamburgers had the greasiest burgers in C.F. but they were friggen good. But no one ever has talked about Hilda's Variety in Valley Falls and those little French pork pies....I'd kill for one of those suckas right now......along with some clams from Mr Lee's in Cumberland or Tweet Balzanos down by the water. Are you hungrey yet?"

How about:
1.) The Penalty Box opposite "The Arena"
2.) Tops Gaylord Diner .... North Main St. (Written up in LIFE magazine)
3.) The East Side Diner on Friday and Saturday nites .. and the "Brown Special" (grilled ham, cheese, onion and tomato)
4.) "The Chance" (First and Last on East Avenue)
5.) Camille's on the hill when they had private dining alcoves and valet parking!
5.) Smith's on the hill
6.) Bovi's on Wickenden Street
7.) The Crystal Tap - open at 4 AM for "Dime-ies"
8.) Bradley's in back of PC
9.) Watching the Sub Races on River Road
10.) Crawshaw's diner in EP
11.) Cosgroves and. Moi-Lee's at the Pier
12) Skinny dipping at Limerock quarry
13.) Hartley's Pork Pies (and if you are really old --- "Foster's")
14.) "The Mall" .. no shopping ... but where the busses turned around
15.) The Point Street & Red Bridges .. when they worked!
16.) Canal Street - when it smelled like one!
17.) The "Viaduct" on Allen's Ave.
18.) Johnson's Hummocks on Allen Avenue
19.) The Bacchanti Girls at the Biltmore
20.) NY, NH & H RR
21.) Down Street = Pawtucket vs. Down City = Providence

OK, that's just a few .. enjoyed your site!

Dave from Fairlawn - home of the "Mules and the Suezy-Q's"

"God, am I that OLD?"


Camilleís on Mathewson Street in downtown Providence
Dinty Mooreís in East Providence
The ďweinieĒ joint in Riverside Square (the nuns at St. Brendanís parochial school convinced us it was a mortal sin to eat lunch there)
Alexanderís Restaurant in downtown Providence
The Beef Hearth in Pawtucket
Contributed by: Phyllis Hyde

youse fahgot to mention the famous "lunch Wagons" aka roach coaches, that used to inhabit Kennedy Plaza in da old daze. Mosty Famously Haven Bros., and Alfredo's Mobile Lunch. While Havem Bros. is not considered you're traditional Weiner,.. that never stopped all of us from calling them "Belly Bustahs". On the other hand,..... Alfredo's Mobile lunch had the best Pepperoni and egg sandwich on a grinder roll that ever was, and
at 2:00am,... that was all I ever wanted although I had both Belly Bustahs and Alfredo's the same night from time to time. Of course,.....this was when youse could "cruise" Kennedy Plaza in your 64 Chevy and drive around in circles lookin cool. Just thought you'd want to put these in as well.

From Cousin Mahk in Soud Carolinah

da RI Lunch on da corner of Broadway n Spring Street in newpawt for dar famous cheese sangwich or da chzburger chzburger and coffee so hot, it was still hot an hour later

danks, Jack

you remember Ray"s Diner on Broad St.
you remember Bill's Weiner's on Broad St
you remember Crosby's, then Duffy's Diner across from The Carlart on Reservoir Ave
you remember Lindy's Diner on the corner of Reservoir and Park
you remember Jenny's, Albert's and The Made Rite on Elmwood Ave
you remember the Miami Diner at Warwick and Park Ave
you remember the bowling alley in Garden City
you remember burning rubber leaving Richards Drive Inn on Reservoir Ave
you remember The Hut on Reservoir Ave in the 50's and buying the Bumper Ice Cream

Tom Crosby

Weiner "Joints"
If you know of any more not listed here, please send us an email!


Address Location
Sparkys' Dexter St. Central Falls
Ziggy's Diner Broad St. Central Falls
Charlie's Grille Smith St./Rt. 44 Centredale
Shadoin's Smith St. Centredale
Country Pizza and Restaurant 1602 Nooseneck Hill Road Coventry
Santoro's Pizza Rte. 3 Coventry
George's Grill New York System 716 Reservoir Ave. Cranston
John's New York System 827 Park Ave. Cranston
Olneyville New York System 1012 Reservoir Ave. Cranston
Stykee's New York System 1617 Elmwood Ave. Cranston
Wein-O-Rama 1009 Oaklawn Ave. Cranston
New York System Restaurant 361 Waterman Ave. East Prov.
Riverside Kitchen N.Y. System 467 Willet Ave. East Prov.
Sparky's Coney Island System (linked - Turn off YouTube video first.) 122 Taunton Ave. East Prov.
Mr. Doughboy Route 102 Glendale
Jesse's N.Y. System 2338 Plainfield Pike Johnston
Taso's 1500 Atwood Ave. Johnston
Weiner Genie 80 Higginson Ave. Lincoln
Ben Chili Dogs 158 Broadway Newport
Oatley's Family Restaurant 1717 Ten Rod Road North Kingston
Snoopy's Diner 4015 Quaker Lane North Kingston
Tucker's Wickford Diner 64 Brown St. North Kingston
Olneyville New York System Mineral Spring Ave. North Prov.
Sam's New York System 1031 Mineral Spring Ave. North Prov.
George's Pizza Main St. Pascoag
Connie and Nikki's Restaurant and Creamery 526 Pawtucket Ave. Pawtucket
Dotís Dairy Bar & Grille 1476 Newport Ave Pawtucket
Fairlawn Spa Corner of Smithfield & Mineral Spring Pawtucket
Kip's Restaurant 826 Newport Ave. Pawtucket
Liberty Lunch 732 Central Ave Pawtucket
Main St. Grille Main St. Pawtucket
Right Spot Diner 200 South Bend St. Pawtucket
Riverside Diner 3 1/2 Exchange St. Pawtucket
Seville's Newport Ave. near Armistice Blvd Pawtucket
Fidas Restaurant 270 Valley St. Providence
John's New York Systems 326 Cranston St. Providence
Olneyville New York System 18 Plainfield St. Providence
Original New York System 424 Smith St. Providence
Buckettís Riverside Grille (aka)The Weinie Joint       277 Bullocks Pt. Ave Riverside
Country Chowder Shack, North Scituate 101 Old Hartford Pike Scituate
A & W Rt. 44 Smithfield
Jessica's Quick Ricks 58 High Street South Kingston
Pier Pizza New york system Route 108
South Kingston
Seaview Cafe, Matunuck 682 Matunuck Beach Rd. South Kingston
Saughkonnet Coney Island Hot Dogs 527 Main Road Tiverton
Hudson's Diner Broad St. Valley Falls
Plouffes French Pies and Weiners High St. Valley Falls
Rod's Grill 6 Washington St. Warren
Cosmic Pizza Post Rd. Warwick
Harry's New York System Restaurant 2168 Elmwood Ave. Warwick
Hoxie New York System 1672 Warwick Ave. Warwick
Peter's Coney Island System 2298 West Shore Rd. Warwick
Sam's New York System 2653 West Shore Rd. Warwick
Ferrucci's Original New York System, Arctic 1246 Main St. West Warwick
Nick's New York System 280 Cowesett Ave. West Warwick
Barbara's Place North Main St. Woonsocket
Jenna's Kitchen (Home of the real weiner.) 278 Main Street Woonsocket
Main Street 2000 Restaurant 114 Main St. Woonsocket
Moonlight House of Weiners 32 Rathbun St. Woonsocket
New York Lunch, Inc. 8 1/2 Main St. Woonsocket


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