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"I enlisted in the USAF in Feb 1957 and did some testing or such in that area. (Shipyard Drive-In) Also remember FAY's theatre the last bastion of Vaudeville in New England. Majestic, RKO Albee and the Strand were all downtown. My uncle Ray Wilbur was doorman at the Sheraton Biltmore for 25 or 30 years and now (or did a few years back) has a building or construction company. Oh yes Those were the good old days." Matt Wilbur, Tampa, FL

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Cranston Auto Theatre
Cranston, RI

(photo n/a)

Hilltop Drive-In
East Greenwich, RI

Lonsdale Drive-In
Lincoln, RI
Pike Drive-In
Johnston, RI

(photo n/a)

Ponta Del Gada Drive-In
North Tiverton, RI

(photo n/a)

Providence Drive-In
Providence, RI

(photo n/a)

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Quonset Drive-In
North Kingstown, RI
Route 44 Drive-In
Smithfield, RI

(photo n/a)

Rustic Drive-In
North Smithfield, RI

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Shipyard Drive-In
Providence, RI
Starlite Twin Drive-In
Newport, RI
Starlight Drive-In
Middletown, RI

(photo n/a)


Westerly, Drive-In
Westerly, RI

(photo n/a)


"What an awesome site! I've been away from RI for 39 years and the pictures, music, etc brought back so many memories! I can't wait to email this site to my brothers who now live in Fort Worth, Texas and Los Angeles, CA. I live in Yorktown, VA. Thank you so much for making this site possible to all of us...." Elaine

Must have "vulcanized" cheese, and taste like the box it came in!

Gotta have sometin' ta wash it all down with!

Must contain 10% or more
of un-popped kernels!

Extra greasy!
Don't forget da vinegar!

Check out the "split-top" bun!
You can't find dem anywhere else except New England!

"My friend in South Carolina sent me this site ( she came from Rhode Island) I'm here and we go five generations back in East Providence. Your site is wonderful and so accurate as my memory serves me. I will pass this on as we have friends in other states that will be pleased to get this site."
Sincerely, Violet

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