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Rhode Island Foods!  

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The photo above is my hand holding the recipe used on NY System Weiners. Take note of the Large Glass of Coffee Milk!

The Bun's getting steamed. The meat sauce that has been cooking for 3 hours, and 2 weiners that I did Not cut the ends off of. Chopped onions and celery salt are on the counter.

Place the weiners in the buns. Top the weiners with yellow mustard.

Top with the meat sauce, and then the onions.

"When I had worked at the NYS I had started out as a dish washer, and ONION Peeler and Chopper. 50 pound bags. How I hated it, But Now, For the taste of a NYS Weiner and coffee Milk, I would peel 100 pounds of them onions."

The finished product!

"Eat your heart out everyone that's from Rhode Island, and miss's the good ol' flavors of coffee milk, and New York System Weiners....Ummmm!"....
David, Illinois

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I guess there's something everyone wants to know about the wieners I made in Illinois, I keep getting
asked the same Question. So, Here it is. As for where I get the Wieners, I don't get them at any special place. I don't order them from any special company. I use the basic BAR S brand hot dog, found in just about every super market, and when they can't be found, I use the Oscar Mayer ones.

"Last week I had to give it a try, I Made My Own Batch of Coffee Syrup!"


After I let it chill in the fridge, I mixed some up with milk that evening, Perfect. I did a little something that No One Mentions doing in ANY Of the recipe's I read, on making the syrup. I Used the 1/2 amount of sugar to the amount of liquid like everyone says to do. BUT, I also then added 1/8 th the amount of BROWN SUGAR and 2 tablespoons vanilla extract. I Must Brag on this one, because I WAS IMPRESSED.

6 cup pot of water,
7 table spoons of Chase & Sanborn special roast
  Re ran the brewed coffee through 7 fresh tablespoons 2 more times. for a total of using 21 tablespoons of coffee, this house emanated of coffee being brewed.
When it was done, I put 2 cups of sugar in a mixing bowl. ( I  only had about 4 cups of this super rich smelling coffee) so I only used 2 cups of sugar.
Then I added 1/4th a cup of brown sugar, and 3 dash's, dash's un measured, just about 3 caps of that vanilla extract, and stood there slowly stirring that hot thick rich coffee into that pile of sugar in the bowl.  and when it was all dissolved, I just let it stand till it became room temp.

I tried some, Not too bad I thought. So I poured it into a jar and stuck it in the fridge.  however THAT NIGHT, I was letting a friend of mine see what coffee milk was, and I made a glass for each of us. OH MY GAWD. PERFECTION! I guess it was supposed to be refrigerated before using it, or maybe the brown sugar had to release whatever it has to make the flavor, but, Autocrat and Eclipse ,,?? I wish I still lived in RI because I would have to bring this to you for tasting, or maybe the brown sugar part of the recipe was supposed to be a secret?

 doo daaaa doooo, Do ya wanna know a Secret ??

"tanks again Ray"

"I grew up in RI, Started washing dish's, Chopped them onions, became a Grillman, lineing them weiners up my arm, spilling that hot sauce on my arm, Then I became the fry cook, and one night, while cleaning up for the next day, I was screening the grill, set the spatchler asside, and it fell into the french fryer. I Drove my hand in to catch it, and Out it came so fast, full of tiny blisters from that Hot french fry grease. BUT, I Had that Spatchler, ha ha. How I missed them weiners and coffee milk when we moved to California. Now IM a Trucker, and now I live in Machesney Park ILLINOIS, and every now and then I get to RI, and ,,,You Betcha, The NY System gets me as a customer. Treee up, all dah way, an a large cawffee milk. I wonder what ever happened to some of the people I used to work with,,??  Maybe STILL pushin dem weiners? ha ha."

"Now Mom's Ashamed of me for forgetting her favorite Rhode Island treat. ha ha When I tried to explain to her that, Table Talk Pies  was not Just in Rhode Island. Mom pointed out, that Neither is Boston Clam Chowdah. ha ha And Once again I had to hear her tell about how much she missed them Deep Thick Table Talk Custerd Pies. * or as Mom calls them, Cusssstid.* Needless to say, I sat on my cell phone having to listen to mom tell all about her favorites, and how she miss's dis , dat , and da udda ting."

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"And also, to my Girl, a comment I made that I was an Ocean Stater, She said,


"I just had to SHOW OFF this time. I made Boston Clam Chowder, Del's Lemonaid *lemons & seeds included. Clam Cakes & NY System French Fries"

Clam Cakes

NY System French Fries

Del's Lemonaid

Boston Clam Chowder


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