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Rhode Island Citizenship

"Tarantella Neapolitana"


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Personal Information:

Winter Address:_________________________________
Summer (S.County) Address:______________________

Qualifications (Check All That Apply):

_____I Was Born At Lying-In Hospital.
_____I Have Attended CCRI, RIC, Uri Or RISD.
_____If I Am A Lawyer, I Graduated From Lasalle, Pc, And Suffolk (Nights).
_____I Know At Least One Swear Word In Italian.
_____I Know Where The Hill Is.
_____My Initials Are On My License Plates.
_____I Know What A Low Numbah Is And How To Use One.
_____I Know Someone Who Works At The Registry (Which Explains My Low Numba).
_____I Have Attended An Event At Lombardi's 10/25 Club.
_____I Use Landmarks That No Longer Exist When Giving Directions.
_____When You Refer To The Brick Building In Providence Know Which One You Mean.
_____I Know What A Ripta Is.
_____I Frequent The East Side.
_____I Don't Use My Directional Signals (Or My Blinkizz) When Driving (But I Use One Finger Frequently).
_____If I Had To Go One Day Without Dunkin' Donuts, I Would Become Comatose.
_____I Have Been To The Oldest 4th Of July Parade In The Country.
_____I Miss Rocky Point And/Or Crescent Park.
_____One Of My Parents Is/Was A State Worker.
_____Don Bousquet Is My Hero.
_____Tara Granahan Is A Goddess.
_____I Have A Friend/Cousin/Ex-Girlfriend Named Cheryl.
_____I Have A Friend/Cousin/Ex-Boyfriend Named Vinny.
_____I Have A ;Friend/Cousin/Ex-Boyfriend/Ex-Girlfriend That's Been To Butler And Speak Openly About It.
_____I Have Been To Twin Oaks For A Special Occasion.
_____I Know Where To Find Buddy Cianci At Lunchtime (And He Really Has A Low Numbah!)
_____I Was On Tv Downtown Live When They Released The Verdict
_____I Have Ventured Across The Bridge To See Ni, Ro And Pe.
_____I Have Ventured All The Way Out There To Wright's Farm.

Application For RI Citizenship
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_____I Still Call It ;The Hospital Trust ;Building Although It's Name Changes Frequently.
_____I Have Eaten Ny System Weenizz And Lived To Tell About It.
_____I Eat Steemizz Every Chance I Get.
_____I Will Fight To The Death If Anyone Says That Caserta's Is Not The Food Of The Gods.
_____I Know That The Opposite Of Round Is Sqweah.
_____I Think That Doug White's Hair Is Weahd.
_____I Know That Fostah/Glocestah Kids Have Never Been To School.
_____I Have ;Held Up Traffic In Order To Watch The Dancing Cop.
_____I Know That There's Noooooooooobody Like Salty Brine.
_____My Kids Wear Sneekizz.
_____I'm Glad We Have Our Own Mall Now So We Don't Have To Go To Emral' Sqweah Rovah Theah.

Bonus Points:

_____I Have Been Waved Past The Line And Seated At Twin Oaks Without Having To Tip The Maitre D'.
_____When I Was a Kid, Livin in RI, I went  to, Sockanossit....
          and Oh Gawd, Them God's Carried Flash Lights As Long As A Nitestick!


_____I Always Have A Bottle Of Coffee Syrup In My Fridge.
_____I Can Sing The Block Island Ferrysong.
_____I Read The Obituaries Every Day.
_____I Know The State Bird, Flower, And Shellfish.
_____I Know All The Flavors Of Del's.
_____I Still Call Rhode Island Mall The Midland Mall
_____I Watch Providence But Only For The Shots Of The City.
_____I Celebrate St. Patrick's Day And St. Joseph's Day.
_____I Honeymooned At Disney World.
_____I Know Someone Who Lives In Rhode Island But Has Florida License Plates.

"All because I found your website and bought some Dels!!"

"So I was enjoying my Del's that I bought from you a while ago (Globe roving RI'er now in Hawaii thanks to Army husband) and it hit me --- I bet soldiers in Afghanistan would enjoy this cold drink! You see, my hubby is deployed to Kabul -- know the story....So I contacted Del's and they are sending 200 packets of the mix to where my hubby works. There is about 80-100 troops there.....There is a young Lieutenant from Scituate, RI who became very excited when my hubby told him where his wife was born and raised (Foster). The young man asks every day if my hubby has any mail from me -- the bit I bought from you I sent most to my hubby...They scrounged up a blender -- they can get their hands on ice....they're just waiting..and NOW they're getting a lot more Dels!

All because I found your website and bought some Dels!!
Thanks a lot!
Margaret Benson-McCarthy
Proud Army Wife

PS: US soldiers in Afghanistan are a bit forgotten...
I'm not going to let the folks in Kabul EVER think that."

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