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I have no doubt that it is part of the destiny of the human race in it's gradual improvement, to leave off eating animals.
....Henry David Thoreau


Aircraft Animals-4 Birds Birds-7 Birds-13 Insects-4 Macro-2 Plants-5 Sunsets-3 Miscellaneous-2
Aircraft-2 Animals-5 Birds-2 Birds-8 Birds-14 Insects-5 Macro-3 Plants-6 Sunsets-4 Miscellaneous-3
Aircraft-3 Animals-6 Birds-3 Birds-9 Birds-15 Insects-6 Plants Plants-7 Black & White Accolades
Animals Animals-7 Birds-4 Birds-10 Insects Insects-7 Plants-2 Plants-8 Black & White-2 Accolades-2
Animals-2 Animals-8 Birds-5 Birds-11 Insects-2 Insects-8 Plants-3 Sunsets Black & White-3
Animals-3 Animals-9 Birds-6 Birds-12 Insects-3 Macro Plants-4 Sunsets-2 Miscellaneous Home